2023 NEW Harvest 5-Liter (169.1 fl oz)

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Free-Fatty Acids: 0.10% (Lab Results)

Polyphenols: 500 mg/kg

Cultivar: Nera di Villacidro

Sensory Profile: A balance of fruity, bitter, and spicy with hints of tomato leaf and artichoke, and a grassy aroma.

Harvest Date: November-December 2023

Best By: Jan 2026

Confection: BPA-Free Tin (Sheet-Steel) Container

Size: 5 Liters (169.1 fl. oz)

(maximum 2 per order)
#oliveoil #obia
#oliveoil #obia
#oliveoil #obia

Sardinian extra virgin olive oil, crafted to perfection for enthusiasts in search of the fountain of longevity. Made from the esteemed Nera di Villacidro olives, cultivated on a family estate on the island of Sardinia, a blue zone, an area of the world with an exceptional amount of centenarians.

100% From Our Family Groves

Never Blended, Mixed, or Outsourced

Man standing on a ladder harvesting olives
Basket of green harvested olives
Men harvesting olives with motored rakes


Nov-Dec 2023

We work with limited-quantity batches of olives, carefully harvesting just before full ripeness and immediately cold-pressing within hours of harvest.


Nera Di Villacidro

A grassy fragrance and a mild peppery finish complement the notes of artichoke and tomato leaf. Pairs well with cheeses, fish, meat and sourdough bread.


Organic Farming

We use only organic and sustainable methods of cultivation and harvest. We are in the process of becoming certified organic (takes 3 years).


Low Acidity

With 5 generations of ancestral knowledge, we know exactly when to harvest olives just before maturity to ensure the highest quality and antioxidants.

Independent Lab Certified 0.10% acidity (well below the industry standard of 0.50%)


100% Sardinian

While critics consistently hail Olive Oil from Sardinia as one of the world's best, it remains a rarity on the global market. Our choice to exclusively use 100% Sardinian cultivars ensures a unique and delightful flavor that is unmatched.

100% Family Grown, Produced, and Harvested

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