100% Family-Made On The

Island of the
Men on Earth

Single-Estate Sardinian EVOO

Never Outsourced or Mixed

We believe in complete transparency and traceability, which is why we never blend or outsource our olive oil. Every single drop comes from a single estate tended to by our family.

About Us

From One of the Five blue zones

With 10x more centenarians than the USA - Sardinia is home to the longest-living men on earth. Our island has an over 4000 year-old history of olive cultivation.


Fully Traceable & Transparent

By only using groves that our family owns, we have full control of our olive oil. Every one of our bottles has a code that you can use to explore the land it came from.

Tree Locator


Enrico and Cate with their son in an olive grove

Directly From the Farmers

No middle-man, no funny business.

Natural & Safe

Dedicated to 100% organic and pesticide-free farming methods.


We only sell what we produce. Yearly supplies are limited by demand.

Lab Certified