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At Obìa, we are more than just an olive oil company. We are a 5-generation family farm rooted in the beautiful land of Sardinia, Italy. Our commitment to producing exceptional, traceable extra virgin olive oil is deeply ingrained in our family's heritage and values.

Obìa was founded by Enrico and Kate, a dynamic husband and wife duo, along with several members of Enrico's family. With a shared passion for health, nutrition, and the secrets of longevity, we embarked on a mission to bring the world a taste of what makes Sardinians live such remarkably long and healthy lives.

For us, it's not just about selling olive oil. It's about sharing a piece of our rich Sardinian culture and traditions with people who appreciate authenticity and crave a healthier lifestyle. We believe that trust is at the heart of every fruitful relationship, and we are dedicated to earning yours.

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In the center of the Mediterranean Sea you will find our island, Sardinia, home to the longest-living men on Earth. Isolated far from the pollution of the major cities of Europe - Sardinia has the cleanest air in all of Italy. The warm climate boasts an ideal environment for growing olives, meaning we don't need to use any special treatments. The Nuragic populations of Sardinia cultivated and extracted oil from the natural wild olive trees almost 4000 years ago.

Many of the Sardinian olive varieties are protected by the DOP recognition, including the variety we use, Nera Di Villacidro - which is a cultivar that has been used to win several global olive oil competitions.

Island of the Centenarians

Sardinia is classified as one of the world's five blue zones - an area of the world where people live longer lives than average. Sardinia boasts 10x more centenarians than the United States, and is particularly known for having the highest concentration of male centenarians. Enrico's own great-grandfather, who passed down his own olive grove (Seddus) to us lived to 101.

Green Olives at Seddus - traceable olive oil tree locator
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Olive Oil

Monocultivar Nera di Villacidro

We use the Nera di Villacidro cultivar which gets it's namestake from our very own hometown, Villacidro, officially recognized as an "Citta Dell'Olio" (City of Olive Oil) thanks to this award-winning cultivar.

The journey from tree to bottle is an art form that we approach with passion and precision. Our olives are carefully picked just before ripeness, promptly transported to the mill, and gently cold-pressed to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas that define Nera di Villacidro. The result is a golden elixir with a harmonious balance of fruity notes, grassy fragrance and a subtle peppery finish.

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Each bottle comes with a QR code you can scan to see exactly where your olive oil came from. Join us on social media during harvest season where we share our harvesting process live for anyone to see.


We're dedicated to keeping the tradition of olive harvesting sacred. This means we harvest in small batches; we use only organic fertilizers and absolutley no GMO's, pesticides, or harmful chemicals.

Premium Quality

Olive oil is a labor of love, and it shows - just check out our Lab Results. The Free Fatty Acids Level is a high indicator of EVOO quality. The max. for EVOO is 0.80% - Obìa is 0.10%, one of the lowest available on the market.

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