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Seddus: Where Nature's Bounty Flourishes

Nestled near the banks of the Leni River, amidst the echoes of Sardinia's ancient Nuragic Period, lies Sedddus—a place steeped in history and familial legacy. This land, now under my care, has been passed down through generations, tracing its roots back to my great-grandfather, Giuseppe Muscas, who acquired it in 1934. Giuseppe's remarkable longevity, living to the age of 101, was often attributed to the very olives that flourish here. In days gone by, he would traverse the two-mile journey from the town center astride his trusty horse, drawn to the tranquility and bounty of Seddus.

The name "Seddus," meaning "Saddle" in the Sardinian tongue, holds mysteries of its own. Some speculate it harks back to the donkeys once bred and raised here, while others suggest it nods to the mountain's silhouette, resembling a saddle against the horizon. Regardless of its origins, this moniker has been whispered through the ages, weaving into the fabric of our town's folklore. Like many corners of our beloved Villacidro, each bearing its own Sardinian nickname, Seddus stands as a testament to our rich heritage.

Today, Seddus thrives as the proud abode of 42 olive trees, ranging from the youthful vigor of those planted by my father to the venerable elders, standing sentinel for over three centuries. Here, amidst the gentle rustle of leaves and the timeless embrace of the land, our olives continue to bear witness to the stories of generations past, their roots intertwined with the very essence of Seddus itself.


Inherited in 1934


Nera Di Villacidro


Early Nov - Mid Dec

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Giannia at Seddus - traceable olive oil tree locator
Enrico and Cesare at Seddus - traceable olive oil tree locator
Green Olives at Seddus - traceable olive oil tree locator
The family at Seddus - traceable olive oil tree locator

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