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Nera di Villacidro

At Obìa, we are proud to present to you our exceptional olive oil, crafted from the esteemed Nera di Villacidro cultivar. This remarkable cultivar holds a significant place in the hearts of Sardinians, particularly in the area of Ogliastra, known for its high number of centenarians.

The journey from tree to bottle is an art form that we approach with passion and precision. Our olives are carefully picked just before ripeness, promptly transported to the mill, and gently cold-pressed to preserve the delicate flavors and aromas that define Nera di Villacidro olive oil. The result is a golden elixir with a harmonious balance of fruity notes and a subtle peppery finish—a true embodiment of Sardinian excellence.

Tasting Notes

Nera di Villacidro

Tomato Leaf

Free Fatty Acids

Free fatty acids (FFAs) are natural components found in all fats and oils, including olive oil. They are produced when triglycerides in the oil break down, releasing individual fatty acids. The level of FFAs in olive oil is an important quality indicator, as it can affect the taste, aroma, and shelf life of the oil.

A lower level of free fatty acids is preferred in extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) because it signifies higher quality and freshness. To be considered, "Extra Virgin", olive oils must have with low FFAs (below 0.8%).

High levels of free fatty acids may indicate poor processing, such as the use of low-quality olives or improper storage conditions. Oils with higher FFAs can have a rancid or unpleasant taste and may not meet the stringent standards required for extra virgin classification.

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