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Bassela: Where Poetry and Ancient Olive Trees Intertwine

Bassela, known as the "land of the poet," is a place where time stands still and the whispers of ancient stories echo through the centuries.

Within the hallowed grounds of Bassela lie some of the oldest olive trees in our region, their gnarled branches reaching towards the sky for over a millennium. This cherished land was once acquired by the renowned poet, Giussepe Dessì, who immortalized its beauty in his novel "Paese D'Ombre," a captivating tale set in our beloved hometown of Villacidro.

Nestled amidst the gentle foothills, over 200 olive trees grace this enchanting landscape, thriving upon the vertical and untouched terrain. Here, nature has crafted the perfect conditions for olives to flourish, embracing them in a climate that nurtures their growth and gives them a unique character. These millennial trees, rooted deep within the soil, yield a robust and exceptional olive oil that embodies the essence of this ancient land.

Giuseppe Dessì
Giuseppe Dessì

Poet & Previous Owner of Bassela

"The boy walked in the silent olive grove, and as he walked he counted the olive trees. Seen from the street, they all looked the same; now instead, for the first time, he realized that they were different: each one had a particular physiognomy, like people."

-Excerpt from "Paese D'ombre"


Acquired 2023


Nera Di Villacidro


Early Nov - Mid Dec

Bassela Gallery

Bassela Ancient Olive Trees - Traceable Olive Oil Tree Locator
Bassela - traceable olive oil tree locator
Bassela - traceable olive oil tree locator
Cesare and Cate at Bassela - traceable olive oil tree locator
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Enrico and Giorgio Bassela - traceable olive oil tree locator

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