Every Bottle
Tells a Story

Use the QR code on the back of your bottle to be immersed in the images and history of the olive trees that produced your oil.

Fully Traceable, Fully Transparent

Because we work in small, limited-batches, we're able to provide 100% traceable olive oil. We believe in transparency and the beauty of the olive groves that we tend to. Each land, though the cultivar is the same, is unique in it's story and history.

Each of the groves is a part of our family estate, but they are in different areas of our town. This allows us to harvest them in batches, since the olives start to ripen at different times. Don't worry, the olive oil tastes the same since we use a monocultivar of Nera di Villacidro, a world award-winning cultivar.

Explore Our Groves

Even if you haven't purchased your oil yet, you can still check out each of our olive tree locations

Sa Mandara

"The Herd"
Ruinas - Traceable Olive Oil Tree Locator


Giannia at Seddus - traceable olive oil tree locator



Sa Spendula

"The Cascades"