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Ruinas: Unveiling the Mysteries of a Lost Settlement

Ruinas, derived from the word "ruins," carries the enigmatic allure of a forgotten settlement, whispered about through the ages.

Nestled in Villacidro's mountainous terrain, Ruinas holds echoes of ancient civilizations and forgotten tales through the many ancient artifacts and structures found there. High above, where the air is crisp and the landscape rugged, our olive trees thrive. Our grove in Ruinas has a storied past. Once an abandoned with overgrowth, it found new purpose from my Father and Uncle. They cleared the overgrowth and planted sixty olive trees, standing tall against the mountain's slope.

Maintaining the grove is hard work. We trim the grass by hand and fertilize the soil with natural manure come Spring. It's a labor of love, ensuring our olives grow strong in the embrace of Ruinas' ancient terrain.


Inherited in 1854


Nera Di Villacidro


Early Nov - Mid Dec

Ruinas Gallery

Gianni next to Olive Trees in Ruinas
Cate and Cesare in Ruinas
Ruinas - Traceable Olive Oil Tree Locator
Ruinas - Traceable Olive Oil Tree Locator
Enrico and Cate with their son in an olive grove
Ruinas - Traceable Olive Oil Tree Locator

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