Sa Spendula

"The Cascade"

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Sa Spendula: The Cascade

Sa Spendula, named after our town's renowned waterfall, is where our cherished olive grove resides. While we don't own the trees outright, we've formed a close partnership with a family friend who does. Together, we nurture and harvest the olives, sharing in the fruits of our labor.

This picturesque locale boasts over 500 olive trees, predominantly of the esteemed Nera di Villacidro variety, alongside other notable cultivars like Tonda di Cagliari and Bosana. The landscape is further enriched by the presence of numerous beehives, buzzing with activity as they collect nectar from the surrounding seasonal flowers.

Situated at one of the highest elevations in our town, Sa Spendula benefits from both its lofty perch and the natural slope of the land. These factors contribute to the thriving ecosystem that sustains our olive trees, ensuring they flourish under the sun-drenched skies of preserve and honor its legacy. Each bottle of our olive oil encapsulates the spirit of Sa Pramesu, inviting you to savor the harmonious union of tradition and nature's wisdom.

Join us on a journey to Sa Pramesu, where flavors emerge from the mid-way land, carrying with them the essence of Sardinia's abundant gifts.

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Partnership Formed 2023


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