Sa Mandara

"The Herd"

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Sa Mandara - The Herd

The nickname "Sa Mandara," meaning "the herd," pays homage to the majestic herds of sheep that once roamed these very hills. It is a testament to the deep connection we have with the land and the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

Nestled just east of our town's renowned waterfall (Sa Spendula), Sa Mandara holds a special place in our family's history. It is not only the birthplace of our cherished olive groves but also the heart of our very own homestead—a haven where we cultivate our own food organically and free from GMOs.

Enrico's great-grandfather first planted his humble olive trees here, and it is within these fertile grounds that Enrico's grandfather, driven by unwavering passion, invested his life savings to acquire and breathe new life into the land. What began with just four olive trees flourished into a thriving grove of 130. Today, under the loving care of Enrico's father and uncle, Sa Mandara boasts an impressive total of 250 olive trees, each standing tall as a testament to our commitment to quality and tradition.

Beyond the olive groves, our homestead thrives, nurturing an array of fruits and vegetables that grace our table. Here, we embrace the principles of organic farming, cultivating our crops in harmony with nature's wisdom. GMO-free and lovingly tended, our produce reflects our dedication to providing wholesome, nourishing food that respects the integrity of the land.


Inherited in 1886


Nera Di Villacidro


Early Nov - Mid Dec

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Enrico's grandfather with an olive tree
Enrico with an olive tree
Man standing on a ladder harvesting olives

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